Transport and access

One of the main aims of the Better Queensway development is to open up the site and provide safe, attractive pedestrian and cycling routes through the development. This will improve access to the town centre for people living in St. Luke’s ward.


There will be several entrances into the development and these are likely to be off Coleman Street and Southchurch Road.


Car parking

We are hoping to include a car parking space for every property in the new development and will also include provision for electric car charging points to ensure the development is able to accommodate technological advancements.


Sustainable travel
The site’s location actively encourages sustainable travel, with easy access to buses and trains. Both railway stations run regular and fast services to central London, and the new pedestrian and cycle route running through the site will act a pleasant link to the town centre, improving access to jobs, shopping and leisure activities.


We will also be including safe cycle storage in the plans to actively promote cycling.


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