Social benefits

We believe that Better Queensway will be of benefit to the whole of Southend-on-Sea, not just those who will be living in the new development.


We want to create a high-quality, attractive environment that is designed to a high standard and improves people’s quality of life.


Better Queensway will:


  • Provide high-quality housing of all types
  • Help contribute towards the town’s future housing needs
  • Bring significant investment and contribute to unlocking further economic growth in Southend-on-Sea
  • Bring a largely vacant site into full use
  • Be well-designed, leaving a long-lasting, positive legacy
  • Provide public space and safe cycle ways and footpaths through the development, connecting residential properties to the town centre
  • Improve access to the town centre and seafront for communities neighbouring Queensway
  • Provide local jobs for local people


Better Queensway will provide an attractive place for all people to live, driving further investment in the area.


Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has previously detailed its expectations for the scheme, which will be clearly set out in procurement documents to ensure they are delivered through a partnership with the private sector. These include:


  • The demolition of the four existing tower blocks and Sutton Road maisonettes
  • A minimum of 441 affordable homes in the scheme
  • Assured tenancies, containing the same terms and conditions as existing secure tenancies, for current Queensway tenants moving into new accommodation on site
  • Retaining the ‘right to buy’ clause for returning council tenants
  • A preference for 1:1 residential parking
  • The principle of a community fund to maximise the development’s integration into the community

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